Sjoerd Booij
Sjoerd Booij
capturing the adventure called life

Hi there, my name is Sjoerd Booij.

This is me, Sjoerd! Hope I didn't scare you there. Don't worry, I am pretty sure we can get that first impression about a bearded weirdo turned into something lovely. Hear me out ;-)

So, let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am 36 years old and father to my two beautiful daughters Fenna (6 years) & Jente (3 years). Being a father to two young girls changed a lot for me. Besides the obvious shortage of sleep, the little ones helped me understand the importance and meaning of love between people even more. Because of my girls, I truly believe I create more meaningful pictures for my clients.

I have always loved good photography and other visual appealing arts. About 8 years ago I decided it was time to follow my dream and be a fulltime photographer myself. Never regretted the decision or looked back since.

Bedtime stories with my daughters when travelling through Bali in 2018. The youngest has my character… Always ready to bring things to the next level ;-)

So, here we are. You guys getting married or some other lifetime moment that you want captured. Me a photographer with a deep passion for documenting the adventure called life. I feel having a true connection with my couples is the most important part in creating something meaningful. I am not a magician with a camera. It's you and me baby. You need to trust me creatively and from there I am sure we will create magic together.

So let's get this thing we have here started. Plan a face-to-face meetup. Skype. FaceTime. Chat. Laugh. Drink a beer/wine or two and get talking. I love to hear all about your dreams, passions and wedding plans. I will tell you all about how I work, my girls, my life. That's where we start and I truly believe it will lead us to beautiful things.


Family of Sjoerd Booij

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