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Elopement in Amsterdam

If you are thinking about an elopement in Amsterdam you might have found the right photographer for you. The sheer size of a wedding day might be overwhelming for some or maybe the idea of sneaking off with your loved one and getting married on your own terms just sounds more appealing.

Although small in size, there is definitely a lot of power in elopements. Being together with few people ensures true connections and room for big emotions. Reading your vows without feeling the eyes of many people might feel liberating and give space for deeper thoughts to share.

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Amsterdam History

Amsterdam is definitely the perfect place for an elopement. Since 2010 part of the Amsterdam inner city is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. That is some great architecture as a backdrop to your elopement. Of course we ride bikes a lot here and so should you on your big day right!? Or maybe take a boat ride through more than 60 miles of canals and take a whole new view on the city? One thing is for sure, with over 1500 bars and cafes you’ll definitely have the option to celebrate after your ceremony.


Mike & Jody

Amsterdam Elopement

Mike and Jody decided Amsterdam was their place to get married. With just the two of them we went on a small adventure in Amsterdam while walking passed the Vondelpark, the “nine streets”, Dam Square, Rijksmuseum, the canals themselves of course… Having written their own vows we explored the city to find a good place to voice them. We eventually found a huge door close to the Vondelpark which felt like the right place. Oh yes… I can cry if I want to.

View their story —> Mike & Jody Elopement Amsterdam

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Elopement tips & tricks

  • Find a place that is special to you. Without the hassle of a big wedding day you are free to do whatever you want. Vondelpark, Hortus Botanicus and so many other beautiful places that you can visit.

  • If you want to ride a bike in Amsterdam, think about what kind of wedding dress would work best. Probably something that allows you to move around, hop on and off the bike easily and doesn’t get in the way of your adventure together.

  • You will probably need at least one witness. I have signed before and I’ll happily do it again if you want me to.

  • With a big summer wedding you are probably stuck with a Friday or Saturday for your wedding location. Elopements are different, in that you can pick ANY day you like.

Amsterdam Elopement Ceremony Groom Crying

I can cry if I want to


Elopement Photography Tips

Schedule your day around good light. Typically this means planning your ceremony in the morning or during dusk. Of course we can also find good spots with overhead cover during mid-day, but the light tends to be more harsh around that time.

Great Vendors


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