Let's go and have some fun together. A shoot should always be fun and adventurous. We can go to the beach, into the woods or just stay at your home and drink coffee and listen to some records. Everything is possible.


A full day love session. Let's make it happen. We can really set out for an adventure and connect on a deeper level. No rushing, no worries, just exploring new things and have fun in the process.

So, here we are. You guys getting married. Me a photographer with a deep passion for documenting the adventure called life. I feel having a true connection with my couples is the most important part in creating something meaningful. I am not a magician with a camera. It's you and me baby. You need to trust me creatively and from there I am sure we will create magic together.




I love to travel. It's where it all started for me as a photographer. Documenting new worlds, people, interesting cultures, lovely cities. It's something that will always connect with me. Definitely contact me if you have a need for travel shots showing your city, your regional product or anything other travel related.


Shooting conceptual fine-art portraits or story portraits that truly show who you are have always interested me. Do you have a passion for building motorcycles, are you dedicated to writing books or do you have a big affection for creating art yourself? I want to know and tell your story. Let's take some time and talk, because that's where we start.


Family. The Most Important Thing. Ever since I have my own family with two beautiful daughters, I have truly become aware of this. Documenting your family is something really valuable and can often be forgotten in the rush hour of daily life. Let me document a slice of your life and make sure you have all those memories to hold onto forever.