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In the end, your family is all that matters.

ClichΓ©s are here for a reason and when it comes to family love, they are so very much true. Ever since I have a family of my own with two beautiful daughters this has become even clearer to me. Basically, everything I do with so much love is for them.

Being able to document that true and beautiful love for other families has been so much more than just a lot of fun. Making sure those important memories will last a lifetime is something amazing and very humbling. I would love to get in touch and document your family. #nothingbutlove #realandraw




How does this work?

When shooting family sessions, it's mostly about getting the interaction between the family members going. No overly posed shots, just you guys having fun and spending time together. That's the way things get real and that is what I want to capture for you guys.

What do we do?

There is al sorts of things that can be done depending on the age of the kids. When shooting sessions with babies, it's mostly about bathing, feeding, putting clothes on and playing a little with them. When the kids become a little older we can go out and have all sorts of fun. A bike ride, picknick, going to the beach or dunes or maybe going out for icecream. That sort of stuff, because it's real and because that's what you want to remember.

How long does it take?

Typically a session like this depends on the amount of energy there is left in everyone. For instance, a baby might just make it 2 hours, while a full day session with kids going to the beach is another option. Let me know your plans and we can work something out!