Portrait of Mara

Portrait of Mara

This time of the year - Jan / Feb / March - I'm always trying to shoot as much personal work as I can and collaborate with interesting people. It's the creative fuel that keeps me running during a busy season. It also teaches me new things and hopefully let's me grow as a photographer.

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Wedding Kristi & Sailasa

The wedding of Kristi and Sailasa at Duin & Kruidberg in Santpoort was something special. With them being based in Australia we got to know each other through Skype. We instantly hit it off. Such fun people with open hearts and interested in all that life has to offer. Happy minded and loving people that made me feel welcome and gave me full access in shooting their wedding.

The location they picked for the wedding - Duin & Kruidberg in Santpoort - is a place I had never been to before, which is weird because it's only 10 minutes away from my home! Wow, this place had it all. Beautiful light and decorations. A photographers dream come true.

While this was only a short day wedding, it really felt so intimate and nice to shoot and be a small part of it all. Thank you so much Kristi and Sailasa for letting me in, laughing with me and being your true selves. I really had a great time! These shots are for you. Big hug.


Wedding Josephine & Mark

The wedding of Josephine and Mark started in Baarn at the house of her parents. A slow morning with coffee, chatting with friends and family before the final preparations started. Getting the hair and make-up done - of course - but also some last minute decorations, since Mark would arrive soon to see his Josephine.

I truly believe that slow mornings like this are so valuable when getting married. Your whole day will pass by very fast - believe me - so making sure you create relax moments to step back for a minute and truly enjoy with your loved ones is so so important. Everyone wants to talk to you and things tend to move fast on wedding days. This is definitely where your photographer comes into play. He or she creates your story so you can revisit these fast moving moments whenever you want. Not just the kiss, the rings or something common that comes to mind when thinking of weddings, but more so these slow moments that every wedding holds. Your dad reading the newspaper with a coffee and laughing when your mom starts shouting that he REALLY needs to start getting dressed. The small moments. The things that make life amazing. It's my job to see those moments and capture them in the most profound and artistic manner I can for you to relive them.

Back to this beautiful day of Josephine and Mark.

From Baarn we moved to Amsterdam for a ceremony at the Keizersgracht Kerk. After this we went by boat to the Vondelpark where we had some drinks at "Vondelpark 3". A great place in the center of Amsterdam. I actually worked at this place about 12 years ago. It had a different name back then, but I met my girlfriend there. Now, 12 years later, we are still together, living in our home in Haarlem together with our two beautiful daughters. I think Josephine and Mark picked the right spot if they are in it for the long run ;-)

After some drinks, we went to "Rijk van de Keizer" for dinner and - of course - some moves on the dancefloor. A great band made sure nobody could resist moving their arms and legs to the rhythmic tunes!

I truly had an amazing day and was really happy to capture it for Josephine and Mark. They were so relaxed and made sure I had true access in capturing them. All real, all love.

Josephine and Mark, thank you so much! This is for you. Enjoy and big bug from me!


Can I live here? Please...

Thinking of Scotland. Driving through this insane landscape has been a great way to relax, but also to let my mind settle on new creative ventures. I know 2017 is going to be a great year, but for now I am thinking of this awesome trip.

Ok, back to the edit cave.

Isle of Skye, Scotland

While driving through Isle of Skye you see a lot of beauty passing by. I could post many of these scenery shots, because around every corner and behind every mountain there was another stunning view. I am thinking of making a book out of these landscape shots. Let's see.

I'll be posting a full post with all shots somewhere next week, but I had to show this image. First, back to the edit cave and finish on all wedding beauty that I've shot this year. It's been a good year!

You Shall Not Pass

Two weeks ago. Travelling with my buddy Martijn Roos in Scotland. This shot was taken somewhere along the roads of Isle of Skye. I have so much more to share of this trip soon. For now it's back to the edit cave and start working on all those beautiful weddings I was fortunate to shoot this year.

Big hug all.


Wedding Preview Liesbeth & Robbert

Liesbeth & Robbert got married yesterday. Tomorrow they will go on a trip towards Sicily. Enjoy guys, it's been great to be with you!

This was the last wedding of the season for me. Now I go back to the edit cave and work on all the beauty that's been thrown at me this year. It's been a hectic but beautiful year filled with lovely couples and people that openend up to me. I love that and I thank every single couple for making my year awesome. I can't wait to deliver all the shots and show more here on the journal.

Big love.

Mealt Falls, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Some places in the world just make your mouth drop. Mealt Falls is definitely one of them. Actually, Isle of Skye in a whole is something else. It's been a week since I was among the mountains and I already miss them. It's a weird - but good - sensation to be surrounded by these giants. I love the dept they create when you look at them and I will one day show them to my little girls. For now I will show them - and you - the pictures of this wonderful landscape. More to come soon.


Couple Session Elizabeth & Richard

A couple of weeks ago I shot a couple session with Elizabeth and Richard. It's been a lot of fun to shoot with them again. I say again, because when I just started out as a photographer I had the joy of shooting with them as well! Of course my style as a photographer has evolved since then and the shots I made of them now are a quite a bit different. Oh, did I mention Elizabeth is a great photographer herself btw, so it was a great compliment for me that they wanted to do another shoot!

During the shoot we walked through Amsterdam - chatting a bit since a lot has happened when we last met. Every now and then a nice spot of light came up and we shot some pictures. It was the way I love to work. Relaxed, no rushing and just creating something real and meaningful.

Elizabeth and Richard, I hope you like the images. It's been a pleasure to shoot with you guys again! Till soon!

Big hug. x