Bali Part II

So the first week we stayed close to Ubud and visited some interesting things around that area (monkey forest, ubud rice fields). The second week of our trip we went northwest of Bali and visited a little town called Permuteran.

Bali Part I

About 4 months ago, Marieke and I decided to take our two daughters Fenna and Jente for a long family adventure. Since Fenna will be turning five in May, this would be the last opportunity to take her on a trip for a longer period of time outside of school holidays. Besides that, it would be an amazing experience to get to spend 4 weeks together as a family while exploring the beauty of the world, or more specific, Bali.

Wedding Preview Doortje & Jeroen

Tomorrow I am off for a 4 week trip to Bali with the family (be sure to keep an eye on this blog and Instagram for updates on that!). It's going to be an amazing time I am sure. Last weekend I shot my final wedding before leaving and I can't leave without showing a small preview of this beautiful day.

Wedding Karlijn & Rutger

Sometimes I can talk for hours. Ask my girlfriend or daughters. Sometimes I just don't know what to say because the beauty has to speak for itself. With the wedding of Karlijn and Rutger it's more like the second category. Two amazing souls found each other, got married in Utrecht and there you have it.

Bart + Danique

A lovely weekend away with Bart & Danique in the woods of Epse, Gelderland. Documenting their adventure, building fires, playing guitar and exploring life. Contant me if you want me to document your story, because I would love to.