Hi, my name is Sjoerd.

I hope I didn't scare you with the beard and all. Don't worry, we'll get along just fine. I promise.


Annemieke + Michiel

Every now and then I do these one on one mentor sessions to teach other photographers. I love to teach and help upcoming photographers get their business up and running. It's what makes this business great, interacting with your peers. They become friends and that's what I love the most, because sometimes this business gets lonely and you'll need your friends :)

I always make sure to get a couples shoot in with these one on one sessions. It just really works well to show what I do and not just tell them. What's always fun is putting out the initial call for couples. I get a lot of enthousiast messages (thanks all!!) and I feel I am letting people down by turning them down since I can only accommodate one couple, but I am sure to do more of these sessions in the future, so stay tuned!

For this session I had Annemieke & Michiel. Just look at them... really! I was so happy to have them over. Easy people, relaxed, fun to hang with and not shy to just be together and enjoy what was happening around them. Thanks so much guys!

To Jan, my fellow photographer, thanks so much for coming over and listening to what I had to say! It was a real pleasure to meet you and I can honestly say I am happy to have made three new friends this day.

Carmen + Jonathan

Gladys + Bas