Hi, my name is Sjoerd.

I hope I didn't scare you with the beard and all. Don't worry, we'll get along just fine. I promise.


Wedding Preview Oscar & Iris

The wedding of Oscar & Iris. Really, SO MANY good things. Also, some things that went "wrong". For instance, the car they were driving broke down at a bridge in the middle of Rotterdam. Luckily these two didn't let it get to them and celebrated life and love together with their family and friends at Aloha in Rotterdam, which is located in the old swimming pool Tropicana. All dutch people my age know this place, since it was a tropical paradise we've probably all been to at least once when we were younger.

A beautiful outdoor ceremony overlooking the river "Maas", dining with friends in a place that promotes a circular economy and partying with friends and funny props. I truly loved being there and I am happy to get to know Oscar & Iris, as well as their friends and family. I felt welcome and people opened up - which always creates a better story.

Oscar & Iris, thank you so much for letting me be there. I hope you enjoy this small preview. There is much more to come!

Big hug. Sjoerd.

Wedding location: Aloha Bar Rotterdam

Couple Session Elizabeth & Richard

Couple Session Elizabeth & Richard

Wedding Preview Bart & Kelly - Italy, Puglia