Wedding Kristi & Sailasa

The wedding of Kristi and Sailasa at Duin & Kruidberg in Santpoort was something special. With them being based in Australia we got to know each other through Skype. We instantly hit it off. Such fun people with open hearts and interested in all that life has to offer. Happy minded and loving people that made me feel welcome and gave me full access in shooting their wedding.

The location they picked for the wedding - Duin & Kruidberg in Santpoort - is a place I had never been to before, which is weird because it's only 10 minutes away from my home! Wow, this place had it all. Beautiful light and decorations. A photographers dream come true.

While this was only a short day wedding, it really felt so intimate and nice to shoot and be a small part of it all. Thank you so much Kristi and Sailasa for letting me in, laughing with me and being your true selves. I really had a great time! These shots are for you. Big hug.