Wedding Nyncke & Michiel

We meet new people on a daily basis. Whether you are in line to pick up your groceries or something else, you meet people. Not all of those relationships can and will last though. You need time in your life for the special ones. The ones that matter.

Let me introduce to you Nyncke and Michiel. Special people that I will make a place for in my life. Simply because they are beyond kind and loving. Nyncke and Michiel got married in Tuscany, Italy. A beautiful place that I have shot before but which never ceases to amaze me. Their two day wedding was something else. Celebrating with close friends and family is what it's all about if you ask me. Two ceremonies and two nights of partying topped it of for me. It was intimate and fun. Really what your wedding day should look like.

I want to thank Nyncke and Michiel for trusting me to shoot their wedding and opening up to me. It's been an amazing ride which I feel hasn't ended yet.