Amsterdam Museum Wedding

Ceremony at Museum “Onze Lieve Heer op Solder”
Dinner at Huis Frankendael

The wedding of a wedding planner.

Lotte & Daan, you guys. I will try to write something here - because I always do -, but it's difficult to put into words the beauty and warmth I saw with you both last week...

Lotte, I'll start with you. I am so happy we met some years ago. I always feel very relaxed when we meet. A big part of that is because of you and the way you approach people. Always with a relaxed and kind vibe. No agenda, but really listening and having a real conversation is important to you and that shows. It makes people happy and I believe that is something to cherish.

Daan, we met for the first time last week, but I can say we hit it off for sure! Being able to laugh together for me is always really important to feel comfortable. You immediately opened up to me and that has giving me the opportunity to really tell the story of you and Lotte.

Guys, it was so much fun to see you and your friends/family interact together. Loads of love, fun and most of all a very real connection with everyone. That's something special. I hope the pictures below show that.

Much love. x