Wedding Niels & Saskia

Ok, how do I even begin with this wedding. These two. This love. It's always best to let the pictures do the talking so I will do that in a minute with a short version and after that the full version of it all. But a small backstory first. I met Niels & Saskia a few years ago when shooting the amazing wedding of Michiel & Nyncke in Italy. We had an amazing time together with all their friends and I am so happy to be back to shoot the wedding of Niels & Saskia. I can truly call all these people my friends and I love it when that happens.

So, here we go with the short version.. make sure to scroll down for the full story!

So here we go. Let's wind the clock back for say 12 hours and get that full story started. Be prepared, it's a long ride ;-)