Bali Part I

So many things to say, but where to start.

About 4 months ago, Marieke and I decided to take our two daughters Fenna and Jente for a long family adventure. Since Fenna will be turning five in May, this would be the last opportunity to take her on a trip for a longer period of time outside of school holidays. Besides that, it would be an amazing experience to get to spend 4 weeks together as a family while exploring the beauty of the world, or more specific, Bali.

I've seen many photographer friends travel to Bali and always loved their pictures and stories. A beautiful jungle, with wonderful people and delicious food. What is not to like?! Of course we knew the trip would be long and might be a bit hard on the kids, but... we would have 4 weeks to recover and discover beauty.

So far we can't complain at all. The kids are doing great and enjoying every bit and so do we. We've seen an urban jungle and a monkey forest. We visited temples and biked through rice fields, enjoyed the making of coffee and drank some Kopi Luwak. We've been to waterfalls and saw baby turtles... and so much more after just one and a half week. That's why I decided to create a Part I and II of this blogpost and probably a Part III as well ;-)

For now I just want to show you some of the pictures I grabbed while at our first location for 7 days, a beautiful place called Alam Sari close to Ubud. I'll be back next week with more shots from our second week!

Much love and warmth from Bali,

That's it for now. Next week I'll be posting Part II of our journey. Always happy to read comments so you are more than welcome to post them below (click the leave a comment button) or post something on Facebook / Instagram. If you like what you've seen, please share with the buttons below!

Thank you!