Bali Part II

Hi there, thanks for reading up on my family travels to Bali, Indonesia. If you've missed the first part, go check it out here - Bali Part I.

So the first week we stayed close to Ubud and visited some interesting things around that area (monkey forest, Ubud rice fields). The second week of our trip we went northwest of Bali and visited a little town called Pemuteran. It's mostly thriving on the diving industry, but since the girls are still quite young, we didn't do much of that. We enjoyed our daily walks through town and on the beach, but also visited a place where they hatch small turtles and after two months return them to the ocean. Of course our daily routine involved swimming multiple times as well ;-)

The trip towards Pemuteran took us about 5 hours of driving - it's not that many kilometers, but driving here on single roads with all the scooters takes a while. Each roadtrip to a new place we have a very nice guide, so we made sure to visit as many interesting places as possible with the girls. Waterfalls, some beautiful temples and of course more monkeys.

So far our trip has been amazing and while writing this it's almost coming to an end with just three more days to go. I still have a Part III after this with more shots from our third and fourth week, but for now I just wanted to say how special it was to travel four weeks with our kids. Of course, it wasn't easy at times.. the puking-in-the-car score currently stands at 2-2 for the girls with still one more ride to go, but mostly it's been so much fun to see how fast they learn new things. In just four weeks both of them have changed so much. Things you might not notice back home in the rush of daily life. That's the reason we wanted to go on this trip and it's been a complete success.

Much love and warmth from Bali,

That's it for now. In the next weeks I'll be posting Part III of our journey. Always happy to read comments so you are more than welcome to post them below or post something on Facebook / Instagram. If you like what you've seen, please share with the buttons below!

Thank you!