Rural Farm Wedding Bodegraven

Brass band, Barry White, Full Orchestra

This wedding had it all

This wedding with a festival chique vibe was something exceptional. Situated at the rural family farm in Bodegraven, they put together a big Scandinavian tipi tent for all their guests and special acts. Using the old farm where the parents of the groom used to live as a base, this festival wedding was definitely high end with men black ties and the woman in evening gowns. A beautiful mix of festival chique and gala.

Brass Band

The ceremony was on the first day of this wedding in the Amstel Hotel. So day 2 was more about festivities and special acts. An exciting turn to the wedding came when a brass band came to play. All the weddings guests enjoyed that part very much as you can see in the photos. For me as a wedding photographer, this is amazing, because the wedding guests stop focussing on me, but rather enjoy the brass band and go all out.

Barry White

Because the groom is such a big fan of Barry White, his wife had arranged for a Barry White impersonator! How amazing is that! This guy felt like the real deal. He could hit the notes and even looked like the man too! Succes with the groom secured.

Full orchestra

During the day itself there was a full orchestra playing, but at night they really came into play. Having a great singer, which sadly I don’t know by name. There is something about a full orchestra… I can’t really explain, but it makes you feel something for sure.


Wedding venue

Family farm in Bodegraven

Wedding planner

Astrid Blaauw

Chique day 1 at the Amstel Hotel

You can check out day 1 by following this link Wedding Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

Let me know below in the comments what you think of the second day of this festival chique wedding.