Canadian Elopement Adventure in Amsterdam

Elopement photographer and “tour guide” in Amsterdam

The adventurous couple AC & Kevin from Canada came to me with some inspiring destination wedding ideas for their intimate wedding. They instantly touched my heart when they talked to me about elopement photography for their elopement wedding in Amsterdam. Kevin had been to Amsterdam before, loved the city and now wanted his wife-to-be to experience the same excitement during their elopement adventure.

We hit it off during our first Skype call. We talked about the love they feel for each other, the beauty of Canada, our shared travel experiences, the self made wedding dress they had been working on and many other things.

Of course we talked about Amsterdam and how we could make their elopement adventure as lovely as possible. What I remember most is they felt like friends right from the start and how they showed full trust in me. Not only as a photographer, but also as a guide through the lovely places in Amsterdam.

Hotel the Hoxton close to “De Negen Straatjes”

There are many wonderful hotels in Amsterdam to start your elopement adventure and for one the Hoxton Amsterdam definitely knows how to treat their guests. A handwritten note to welcome the couple, beautiful interior and located in the city center of Amsterdam, it’s a great place to get your big day together started. Oh and did I mention they have an old school Photo Booth as well?!

The Hoxton is also very close to “De Negen Straatjes” - a street full of quirky shops and wonderful eateries as they put it themselves. These small shops are loads of fun to explore together and match the experience of an elopement like a glove. You’ll find some pictures below from shops like “Juffrouw Splinter” and art gallery “Eddy Varekamp”.

Riding your bike in Amsterdam in a self made wedding dress

When eloping in Amsterdam you have to rent a bike. We rented ours at Black Bike who provided us with some lovely service. AC definitely rocked her self made wedding dress riding her bike. We moved our way through different parts of Amsterdam, going from the city center to “De Pijp” and from there to “De Jordaan”.

Albert Cuyp Market in “De Pijp”

A place definitely worth your visit if you are into markets, is “The Albert Cuyp Market “. With 260 stands, the Albert Cuyp is the largest day market in Europe. It holds some of the true Amsterdam atmosphere and the people are kind. You can literally find anything there and eat some of the local foods like “Poffertjes”, which are small Dutch pancakes or “Wafels”.

Hortus Botanicus and drinks in “De Jordaan”

Our final stop was “Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam”. A place you can wander around for hours and experience a lovely elopement adventure through natures finest. I have shot a beautiful wedding in Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam before.

After exploring this wonderful place it was time to drop off our bikes and get a drink together. “De Jordaan” is a beautiful area of Amsterdam packed with bars and small shops. We sat down at “Cafe Sonneveld” and ordered some well earned beers.

I want to thank Kevin & AC for an amazing day together. I am so happy I got to document their elopement adventure in Amsterdam.

Thinking about eloping yourself and looking for an elopement wedding photographer?

I would love to tell you all about Amsterdam and the endless possibilities here to elope and have an intimate wedding. I have put together an elopement starting guide to get you going, but please definitely get in touch if you want to hear more about me or anything else considering eloping.

Amsterdam Elopement Adventure Photographer

Some words from the lovely couple

When we decided to get married, we both wanted something simple and private. Something we would do together, just for the two of us. So we picked the bits of tradition that suited us as a couple and did it our own way.

We love to travel so it was fun to make our wedding about exploring and travelling together. Our ideal day turned out to be experiencing Amsterdam on bikes together, appreciating the beautiful old buildings entwined with canals, stopping in shops and markets, and enjoying each other's company. (And Sjoerd's company too.)

We still wanted to look good doing it and, since we love doing projects together, we decided to design and hand make a wedding dress before leaving Canada. It was really special to go through the process of making the perfect dress together and picking a nice tailored suit to go with it.

At the end of the day we were left with a handmade dress stained with bicycle grease, fun memories of a day together, and photos to remember it all.

- AC & Kevin


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