Couple Shoot in Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago I shot a couple session with Elizabeth and Richard in Amsterdam at dusk. It's been a lot of fun to shoot with them again. I say again, because when I just started out as a photographer I had the joy of shooting with them as well! Of course my style as a couples photographer has evolved since then and the shots I made of them now are a quite a bit different. Oh, did I mention Elizabeth is a great photographer herself btw, so it was a great compliment for me that they wanted to do another shoot!

During the couple shoot we walked through Amsterdam at dusk - chatting a bit since a lot has happened when we last met. Every now and then a nice spot of light came up and we shot some pictures. It was the way I love to work. Relaxed, no rushing and just creating something real and meaningful.

Elizabeth and Richard, I hope you like the images. It's been a pleasure to shoot with you guys again! Till soon!

Big hug. x