Creative Mirror Portraits

Creating fine-art portraits with mirrors

I love shooting personal work with models. It’s a great way to push my creative boundaries and experiment with light and different angles. Something I can incorporate in my wedding work for example.

A couple of months ago I reached out on my Instagram for models that loved to create some fine-art portraits. Kim told me she wasn’t a professional model, but loved to give it a go and so we did yesterday.

I am very happy with how these black and white fine-art portraits turned out. Dark, raw and moody. Exactly what I love to shoot. Kim was hesitant in her poses at first - as expected and we talked about that before the shoot - but after 30 minutes she really got the hang of it. That’s how these things work. Get passed that awkwardness and from there start creating together.

Fine-art Portrait Experiments

Shooting like this is about experimenting. No set goal, but rather try things, fail, try something else, feeling the vibe and building on that foundation. Thanks for trusting the process Kim!

If you are interested in a portrait shoot like this, let me know through my contact form.

Fine-art Shoot Feedback

Let me know what you think about this shoot below in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts! Also, if you are interested in shooting portraits like this, contact me through my contact form.