Portraits at Landgoed Zonnestraal

It's always one of my biggest challenges. Creating personal work. Well.. making sure I have the time to actually create some personal work that is. I am very good at NOT being efficient with my time - always looking into new things - and that creates some stress on my work work every now and then. Making sure to deliver on time for my clients for instance. But finally this year it's been a bit different.

The working/personal life where having two kids, a house, an office, maintaining friendships and not the least making sure we - my girl and I - have some time together has finally reached a point where I feel some form of control. I am delivering photos to my clients on time, being happy with the results and - not of the least importance - so are my clients. It has finally given me the idea of having things in order and being in control. It's a very nice feeling I must say. And it results in being able to spend some time here and there on personal work. Finally.

This shoot was about two months ago. I contacted Merel - with whom I have worked before - and asked if she was up for a shoot again. Luckily she was and she knew a great location called Landgoed Zonnestraal in Hilversum where we could shoot. She asked if I could also take some shots of Fleur, her roommate and also a model. Of course I was happy to do so and it opened the doors into shooting some shots with the both of them. I was looking forward to really work with interesting light and I am glad the both of them had some great ideas too!

Big thank you to Merel and Fleur.

Location: Landgoed Zonnestraal