Intimate Couple Boudoir Shoot in Forest Cabin

Intimate Couple Boudoir Shoot in Forest Cabin

Intimate couple boudoir photography

Sometimes you just need a weekend to relax and shoot some personal work. Together with the lovely Renske Meinema I decided to setup an intimate couple boudoir photography shoot with some friends and models in the woods of Epse, Gelderland. We rented this beautiful forest cabin and set out for a boudoir photography adventure.

This post is all about the lovely couple Bart & Danique, who I have shot on numeral occasions the last years. These two lovebirds have been married for some years and were happy to join our little photography adventure. Since they are both creatives - Bart as a musician and Danique as a photographer - they completely understood what the experience would be about. Relaxing, shooting, documenting, experimenting, playing the guitar, building fires, listening music, playing games. All that and more in a relaxed, raw and true way.

I wanted to dedicate a full post to them as a couple because I think this boudoir adventure was something I want to do more often and need to show people what it's all about. So if you are up for an intimate couple boudoir photography adventure, shoot me an email at because I would love to document your boudoir story.

Much love to Bart & Danique for letting me shoot their love.

PS. check out the work of Bart here: and the work of Danique here:

PS2. Also, they have started something new together called Donna Blue. Check them out here:

Are you looking for a professional intimate couple boudoir photographer? Please do contact me! Check out more of my couple photography work as well.