Photography Workshop for Creatives

Photography Workshop for Creatives

Teaching & Shooting Wedding and Couple Photography

These past few days I have been teaching a photography workshop for creatives. Focused on Wedding photography and shooting intimate couple portraits. This was our fourth and final edition of the Real Matters Workshop. We had an amazing group of 23 lovely souls that made this final edition a blast.

Our setup for this photography workshop has always been the same. First the Sunday evening meetup and drinks to get to know everyone. Then on Monday a full day of teaching in three small groups and the final day on Tuesday we do the actual shooting. We also do portfolio reviews on Tuesday. We work with small groups during the workshop. This ensures there is more than enough room for questions from the attendees.

I want to thank all the workshop attendees for coming, trusting us and asking great questions. Of course I want to thank my fellow speakers Martijn Roos and Naomi van der Kraan as well. Much love for you guys. The husband of Naomi made some great food again, I can't thank him enough! Of course a big thank you to our models and in special to Lotty who was a model, baked cookies, cakes, brownies and what not. It was amazing!

Since this was the final edition, we wont be doing another Real Matters Workshop. We will be thinking of other workshops in the future, so stay in touch. Of course myself and the other speakers still do photography mentoring sessions. Make sure to contact me if you want more information on these mentoring sessions.

Pictures below are all the lovely Lotty.

Get in touch if you want more information on mentoring sessions.