Wedding in Puglia, Italy

A few weeks ago I shot the wedding of Bart & Kelly in the south of Italy. The area is called Puglia (heel of Italy) and it's very beautiful I have to say. I have been to Tuscany before for weddings in Italy, but never in Puglia. Lots of Masseria's and other beautiful places can be seen here and although I was only there for a few days, I'll be back for sure! The wedding was held at Masseria Maccarone. A beautiful place that I would love visit again!

Back to where it all started... After a three hour delay at Schiphol Airport, we finally got to Bari in Italy. Everything went smooth and lovely from there. The location Masseria Maccarone was insanely beautiful, the people were very relaxed - playing pingpong and chillin' in the pool - which made it so much fun to be there. Working together well with Jacqueline, Edmee and Marilisa created that great vibe you need to come up with images that matter during weddings.

Below is a short preview of the beautiful wedding weekend of Bart & Kelly in Puglia. I can't wait to show more soon! It was something I will never forget and I am glad to have been a part of it. Big hug to you guys and the whole team for being awesome. Hope to see you all soon! Maybe in Italy again?