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I love to tell stories with my pictures. Your wedding day is not just about shots of the dress, the kiss and rings. It's so much more. There are stories to be told. Your story, the story of your parents and grandparents. Your friends, other family relatives that matter. It's about the bigger picture and the reasons behind the actual getting married part. Let me show you a bit of how I see things. My way of storytelling.

How I see your wedding. My take at your story.

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Wedding Yonca & Giorgio

Both creatives in their own field and people that really want to feel love, truth and happiness with the people and their surroundings. The choices they made for food and location really support that. Their wedding was in many ways eco friendly and I love that.
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Wedding Laurens & Maike

The story of Laurens and Maike took place at a beautiful dutch island named Ameland. Two days filled with their lovely friends and family made this an amazing wedding to shoot. The first day consisted of an evening party with even a real pinata. Good laughs, great people and enough booz to go around, made this a very succesful evening. The second day was filled with a beach wedding ceremony, a lovely dinner and party props that make your eyes pop.
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Couple session Nicky & Fer

These two showed me what true love looks like. A session in the dunes of Bloemendaal that left me breathless. Two people with hair to be jealous of - especially since I am bald. A dress in the wind, combined with dunes and beach as a backdrop. I can't really think of a better combination.
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Family session Daniëlle & Robert

These three have something amazing going on. I love to see new parents and their firstborn. It's always so fresh and special to witness that love. I remember my first daughter being born and how much everything changes. You feel more, see more... it's a feeling I cannot describe. What I can do is show you some pictures.
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Elopement Amsterdam Mike & Jody

These two lovebirds decided to elope in Amsterdam and asked me to not only document it, but also be sort of their witness - given I was the only one there! Of course I felt beyond honored and I am so happy to have played such a big part in their day.
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Wedding Nard & Joming

Nard & Joming got married at the beautiful location Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. After getting ready in one of the hotel rooms situated way up top with beautiful views over Dordrecht, we moved into a cute boat for a small canal tour. They were met by all their guests at the docks of Villa Augustus, from where we moved into garden greenhouse called "Limonaia".
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Wedding Hannelore & Nick

A Belgium two day wedding with a twist. Nick and Hannelore made sure to make their wedding their own. The beautiful restaurant of their parents as the wedding location made this even more personal. A real Argentinian asado made sure everyone was in good shape when entering the dancefloor. The London based rockstar pianist made sure we kept going till... I don't even remember what time...
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