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Yonca & Giorgio

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Wedding "In de Kas" - Nijmegen, the Netherlands...

My story with Yonca & Giorgio started months before their wedding. We talked and met at my house in Haarlem. I always love it when people take the time and effort to visit me. For me it's really important to have that true connection together and know that we are a good fit. By showing who I am and talking about who they are, we can find that common ground and truly create something beautiful together. I think all my bride and grooms feel that way. I know Yonca & Giorgio do.

Both creatives in their own field and people that really want to feel love, truth and happiness with the people and their surroundings. The choices they made for food and location really support that. Their wedding was in many ways eco friendly and I love that.

They got married "In de Kas" in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. A beautiful place with lots of space and interesting corners to shoot. I really loved the place and hope to go back there again soon. Just putting that out there in the universe ;-)

Yonca & Giorgio. I want to thank you guys for something wonderful. Letting me capture your special day and really connecting with you guys means the world to me.

A very big hug from me and hope to see you guys soon! x

Location: In de Kas
ress: Rara Avis
Henna: Toko Mehndi
Catering: Spice Manu Factory
Vegan Cake: Sharp Sharp