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Travel Scotland, Edinburgh

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Five days in Scotland...

Last week I was in Scotland with my buddy Martijn Roos. A week to charge the creative batteries, talk about photography, drink beers and shoot some travel pictures. For me this is always a great inspiration. My photography career basically started because of traveling. It's about going back to my roots as a photographer and just shoot whatever inspires. I take this approach to my professional work as well which makes my personal images not that different from the weddings that I shoot.

About the trip. We started off in Edinburgh. This place is SO worth the visit, so put it on your bucket list ASAP. Beautiful streets, old houses, plenty of pubs, a big castle on a cliff... what is not to like really.

After two days we moved towards the Scottish Highlands and Ilse of Skye, which I'll be posting about in the upcoming days.

For now some travel, street and experimental shots taken in the first few days we set foot in Scotland.